SELENIUM, Anti Hair Loss, Anti Hair Thinning Dermoxill Treatment (Vials A+B)


Instructions For Use: 
1. Wash the hair using DERMIN PLUS shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.
2. apply Vial (A) by massaging in thoroughly, then add Vial (B) and massaging in thoroughly to the entire scalp, then proceed to dry.
3. Treatments can be used daily.
4. Results will be visible after just 2 months.

This Treatment consists of two 50ml vials.
 Vial A: 
  •  Contains sulphur that is already naturally present in the hair structure and has a normalizing action to promote  hair re-growth.
  •   The Flavonoids from Eucalyptus and Pinaster Pine act as natural anti-oxidants which prevent the formation free radicals that tend to form on the hair as the result of atmospheric agents and pollution.
  •  The Nettle provides essential elements (rich in proteins and Amino Acids) that promote healthy hair growth.
  • The Aloe Barbadensis acts on the hair follicles. Obtained from Aloe leaves. It contains Enzymes, Oligoelements and vitamin elements essential in assuring healthy hair as it helps to reconstruct the keratin protein structure of the hair itself.

Vial B:

  •  Rich in Hydroxyproline, essencial amino-acids in hair hydration, are capable of maintaining the hair's natural hydration levels.
  • The Methyl Nicotinate contained in the solution enhances micro-circulatory flow of the scalp and the level of sebaceous follicle, thereby enhancing the cellular turnover and increasing capillary tropism.
  • Contains Panthenol which is a vitamin naturally present in the hair, which helps to assure the best possible keratin distribution in the hair.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz


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