Glutathione Oral Spray + VIT C+ Alpha lipoic+ Glutamine (4oz) Skin Enhancement


VitaKaps Glutathione sublingual spray is a master detoxifier and the body’s main antioxidant. It protects our cells delicate chemical machinery and helps our energy metabolism run efficiently. VitaKaps delivery ensures the best systemic availability. It is easy to dispense and taken directly from the bottle. It also helps to reduce our melanin production and with better and lighter skin appearance.

Serving Instructions:

Ordinary Usage:  6 sublingual sprays every 12 hours.

Advanced Usage: 12 sublingual sprays every 12 hours


Sublingual Usage Instructions:

Spray under the tongue, tilt head forward to avoid swallowing forcefully. Hold under the tongue for 10 seconds, then slowly swallow. Wait a few minutes before any drink or rinsing your mouth after.

Active Ingredients: Glutathione Oral Spray + VIT C+ Alpha lipoic+ Glutamine 

What it is used for: 
  • Supports Skin Lightening
  • Regulates and Reduces Pigment Production
  • Natures most Powerful Antioxident
  • Detoxifies and Support Healthy Immune System
  • Supports and Promotes Healthy Immune System
  • Sublingual Route for the Best Systemic Absorption

Additional information

Weight 12 oz


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